Cinklet Checkout App

Checkout Point of Sale on your Mac and in your pocket

Powerful iPhone App for Your Mac Point of Sale

Checkout Point of Sale

Connect to your checkout store. Login with your normal username and password.

Manage Orders

View and create new orders. Assign customers and modify quantities.


Access your store sales and review invoices.


Lookup your inventory stock, products details and variations.

Scan Barcodes

Scan products to add to order or fast stock lookup. Scan search receipts.

Live Network Update

Store activity is instantly propagated over the network. Data on your device will always stay up-to date.

Barcode Scanners

Cinklet Checkout has integrated support for third-party barcode scanners because they are indispensable for retailers.

  • Scan add products to order
  • Decrease your customers waiting time
  • Fast inventory lookup
  • Mobilogics iScan and iPDT380 offer a professional and sturdy look that will provide you with reliable performance

Mobilogics barcode scanners are sold separately at

Cinklet Engine

Cinklet Checkout requires an app on your Mac point of sale to retrieve your store data. Cinklet Engine is this powerful server tool. Available for free download.

Cinklet Checkout is a powerful iPod/iPhone app that lets you turn your device into a powerful in-store and remote selling tool. You will not only have access to your full store data over Wi-Fi or cellular, but also improve your customers checkout experience.

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